Friday, August 28, 2009

Welcome to my blog

I've tried blogging many times before but without success ... I really don't know why. I promise this time I'll keep up! I'm so inspired by so many great blogs right now that all I want to do is write write and write!
Thanks for stopping by :)



  1. Hi. thank you for visiting my site the other day about the Champorado recipe. I could say that I want to try to Mexican version.

    I also encourage you to write. I have failed many times too but not in blogging but in other things. Just keep on writing and posting.

  2. Thanks Divina, I'll try. And I want to say that you have a great blog. I love it!

  3. I am pretty new to the blog thing too. Honestly, I'm not sure that my life is interesting enough for people to really even want to read about it, but I guess I will just have to keep at it. So, here is my little incouragement to you....You can do it! good luck!

  4. Thanks ZoiHoku :) sometimes I feel the same way you do about blogging but even if nobody reads it it is a very therapeutic process, just to rant publicly haha! Keep it up as well! Oh and I saw your twopeas layouts, great work.
    Good luck!! :)