Sunday, September 27, 2009

This is Klipbook

I’ve been meaning to start my blog for quite a while now so I’m happy to finally make it happen!

I’ve been inspired by so many great blogs out there and every time I read one of them I just start thinking of all the things I would like to share, so here it is, my first blog with some of my thoughts, my favorite things, my loves and what makes me who I am.

To start I would like to share with you my two loves. The reason why I do what I do and the two people who make me who I am. My partner Chad and my son Kris. They are my life.

This picture was taken by Chad on our trip to the Oregon Coast 2 weeks ago. We are trying to make a road trip every year so Kris can experience life outside a big city and some family time. I know that as soon he turns 12 (or maybe before) he won’t want to hang out with us anymore so we have to take advantage that he doesn’t have any saying on the matter right now haha!

So yeah, this is Klipbook, me and my family. My inspiration.


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