Saturday, October 17, 2009


aaah family, it is so nice to see the family specially when they are so far away. This time it was Chad's family we got to see. Last week we drove (yes drove) from Vancouver BC to Moose Jaw SK. For those of you who don't know it is 1,655 km (1,028 miles) or 19 hours plus stops. All that with a 2 year old... good times. We did it in 2 days and it was amazing and scary. Amazing because crossing Alberta (Banff) it is the most beautiful thing someone can do in their life. It's unbelievable. Specially at this time of year when the trees are starting to turn yellow and the mountains are covered with snow. Scary because of the snow. We hit a storm the first day and we couldn't make it to Calgary as we had planned so we had to stop at Golden BC. It was snowing a lot. The second day we had another storm just a few hours away from Moose Jaw and this one was really bad and super scary. The road was completely turned into an ice rink. We saw 3 big trucks on the ditch and several cars on the side, but we made it safe and sound. We were in Moose Jaw only for 2 days to celebrate Chad's grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. It was so good to see all the family again and get to meet the newest addition to the Galloway family: Cohen our first nephew.  After those 2 days of family craziness we had to come back to Vancouver and make the trip all over again but we are happy that we got to see all of them and spend some time together even when it was so short.
Family is very special for me, being Mexican I grew up surrounded by my (very large) family. Since I moved to Canada it's been very hard for me to adapt to a life without them so every chance we get to see them it is a true joy.
Ok, now the story behind this picture. Camille (Chad's sister in law and second from R to L in the back) came up with the idea of us getting our picture taken at this shop in downtown MJ as our present for grandma and grandpa Wenaus. We had so much fun doing it, from getting dressed to the picture taken by a (I'm not kidding) 16 year old kid (super cute). Anyway, we got the photo, 1 big one for the grandparents and 1 small for each Galloway brother and family :)
Yesterday I was trying my scanner for a new project I have and I scanned the picture as a test. I just couldn't resist opening it on Photo shop and playing with it. I had a lot of things to do so I made this layout super quickly but I really like it so here it is. The 3 Galloway brothers and the families on a Thanksgiving weekend.


this is the original picture and yes this is how the cropped it at the place (with the top part)

this is what I did :)

credits: Rhonna Farrer (Vintage Label Papers), Holly McCaig (Vintage overlays), 1942 report Font and Texas Hero Font.


  1. hilarious - this must be a west-coast chain cause i remember doing this type of photo in the west edmonton mall when i was young.

  2. hahah isn't it awesome? I've never done this before so it was tons of fun =)