Monday, November 30, 2009

December already ??

I can't believe is December ... where did the year go?? and we are at almost 3 weeks 'till Christmas. This year has been crazy. Lots of things happening, good and not so good. Anyway, I'm so ready for this year to end and start a new one, all fresh and with lots of energy, hopefully in a new nice place (we are in the middle of house hunting and it hasn't gone all that good)

Anyway, I made this little Christmas card with Crystal's new December Kit . As soon as I got it I had to use it. I will be sending this as my Xmas cards to friends and family :) I love making my own cards, really don't like buying Hallmark ones, there's something so special about hand made.

Happy Monday and have a great start of the month!



  1. Hey Jenny, thanks for you comment on my blog. :D

    You asked about my printer. I have an Epson Stylus Photo 1400. It's a large format printer and I absolutely love it. There are later (and probably better) versions out though.

    Great Christmas Card!

  2. Thanks Linda!! :) I'll check that printer. Thanks for your comment on my card =)